Open Mike – Tuesday 8/2/16


Thoughts on why would Donald Trump continue to go after the Khan Family and is such behavior finally having a negative impact on his campaign.

Matt Dunne – Democratic Candidate for Governor
Topic: His view on wind power, do people find him hard to trust, should Vermont invest in Hydro-Dams, his plans for special education funding, should The EB-5 program continue, what his top priority as Governor would be, gun control ideas and why people should vote for him for office?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on how Donald Trump continues to sound off on those who don’t support his run for the White House, is such behavior and negative remarks about the Khan Family catching up to him and Hillary Clinton has seen a “bounce” after the Democratic Convention; will it last?

Peter Galbraith – Democratic Candidate for Governor
Topic: his plan for raising the minimum wage in Vermont, how he would change the state health care system, his differences with Matt Dunne when it come to wind power, how he believes the Vermont Public Service Board needs to be changed, does he have a conflict of interest because of his former involvement with a oil rig operation and why he should be Vermont’s next Governor.