Open Mike – Tuesday 8/23/16


Paul Heinz – Seven Days Political Editor
Topic: a review of Monday Night’s Televised Debate between Republican Phil Scott and Democrat Sue Minter, how did each candidate do, was there a clear winner and what issues did either person struggle with?

An update on the lack of response from the Minter Campaign and the conditions the Scott Campaign have outlined that may prevent the WDEV Governor’s Debate scheduled for this year’s Tunbridge Fair.

Daphne Larkin – Assistant Director of Communications – Norwich University
Topic: a look at this year’s large freshman class, where in the country are these students coming from, why would someone chose Norwich, a preview of the school year/courses offered and a review of nationally recognized programs at the campus such as cyber security studies.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on more e-mails connected to Hillary Clinton set for release and the fallout that may occur, are rumors about Clinton’s health not being very good true, is Donald Trump’s statement to the African American Community a good or ethical move, is Trump losing supporters by changing his stance on immigration enforcement and why is Hillary Clinton so unpopular among many West Virginia Voters?

Rich Clark – Director Castleton Polling Institute
Topic: what the institute does, how do they conduct a poll, why is computer polling on the rise, is caller ID affecting the amount of people who will take part in polling, how can some polls be completely wrong, a review of good and bad polling practices.