Open Mike – Tuesday 8/30/16


Chris Recchia – Commissioner VT Public Service Department
Topic: the department’s support for the expansion of a natural gas pipeline, why protester costs will be handled by ratepayers, a comparison between ratepayers and shareholders, how are rates calculated, why are a number of people not in favor of the pipeline, the various methods of protesting, the department’s stance on solar and wind power siting issues.

Open Mike – Topic: Is Colin Kaepernick correct in his method of protest at football games and are Police focused on murdering citizens?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on Anthony Weiner’s latest “sexting” incident, Hillary Clinton’s ongoing trust problems, with Donald Trump changing some of his campaign policies will this affect his core supporters, how will Syrian Refugee placement fit into Trump’s immigration policies, why are both presidential candidates not talking about the economy and thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s protest methods.

Don Rendall – President CEO of Vermont Gas
Topic: why is VT Gas expanding a pipeline into Addison County, what has created a delay in the town of Hinesburg, are ratepayers being charged too much money, why have construction costs risen for the project, are opponents of the expansion justified in their complaints and why did some sunflowers get cut down in this process?