Open Mike – Tuesday 9/27/16


Eric Davis – Professor Emeritus Political Science – Middlebury College
Topic: Presidential Debate Analysis

Steve Terry – WCAX Political Analysis
Topic: Presidential Debate Analysis and a look at the Vermont Governor’s race.

Open Mike – Topic: Listener reaction to Monday Night’s Presidential Debate.

Luke Vargas – Talk Media News
Luke was in attendance at the First Presidential Debate–he reviewed how each candidate did, how the media covered the content of the debate, did Lester Holt do a good job as moderator and a preview of the next Presidential Debate.

Dede Cummings – Publisher & literary agent
Topic: Remembering Poet Leland Kinsey, his life, his work, his personality, the vibrant Vermont landscape images he captured in his written material, what he was working on at the time of his death and the array of Vermont Poets who are still with us.