Open Mike – Tuesday 9/6/16


Professor Eric Davis – Emeritus of Political Science – Middlebury College
Topic: a review of the recent release of campaign finances in Vermont, the RGA is spending a lot on Vermont races, but thus far the DGA in not; why, did winning candidates for Governor in the Vermont Primary gain favor among voters, should the Scott Campaign abandon their debate stipulations, should Senator Leahy agree to more debates, will Scott Milne win in the general election and will Governor Schumlin campaign for any candidate this fall?

Steve Terry – WCAX Political Analyst
Topic: a look at the major statewide political races as the general election date comes into focus, what each candidate must focus on to win their races for office and a look at some of the items mentioned above.

Jim Condos – Vermont Secretary of State
Topic: Are National and State elections safe from the intrusion of hackers, what has Vermont done to avoid hackers, lessons learned from the 2016 primary, was there a high turn out and why, is the general election likely to see a high voter turn out, the high cost of running a campaign for major office in Vermont, the increase in absentee voting, important upcoming dates connected to this year’s fall election, and what became of the push to form a Vermont Ethic’s Commission?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Congress is back in session what will they achieve before this year’s general election, should President Obama have cancelled meeting with the President of the Philippines, a look at the problems that happened on the tarmac in China, the ongoing issues with North Korea’s aggressive actions, was Donald Trump’s visit to an African American Church a good idea, does Hillary Clinton have some health problems she is hiding, how both major presidential candidates are losing favor with many voters, what will the Presidential debates look like and remembering the events of 9/11.

Open Mike – Topic: Thoughts on which candidate the listeners support and remembering the events of 9/11.