Open Mike – Wednesday 10/26/16


Open Mike – Topic: Did Lt. Governor Candidate David Zuckerman make some comments in 2013 that were too critical of the Vermont Air National Guard and do those remarks negatively impact his run for office in 2016

Kyle Midura – WCAX Reporter
Topic: a review of a poll recently released by WCAX about who Vermonters support in the upcoming general election and what issues are important to them.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Donald Trump may win the race for the White House despite what many national polls say–why, why do many voters dislike Hillary Clinton, the problems many states are having administering Obamacare, why are some of the Wiki Leaks e-mail not having a big impact on Hillary Clinton campaign, a look at the war on terror in Mosul and are some members of the national media too close to political figures as some claim?

Katie Falcone – RAD Co-Founder
Topic: Information about RAD (Redemption for Adoptable Dogs) Girls Club, what it is, why it was founded, what is the club’s mission, what are some success stories, what does the club hope to achieve in the future and how do you get more information about RAD Girls Club.

Open Mike – Topic: what should Vermont do for Healthcare Reform?