Open Mike- Wednesday 1/11/17


Jeb Spaulding

Chancellor Vermont State Colleges

Topic: Funding the state college system and why Lyndon and Johnson State College are merging into a university.

Open Mike

Topic: Is Vermont Governor Phil Scott appointing too many former cabinet members to his staff and how would you rate Governor Scott’s Inaugural Speech?

Ellen Ratner

Talk Media News

How did President Barack Obama do in his farewell speech? Will all of Donald Trump’s cabinet selections be approved by Congress? Is there any truth to claims that Russia has damaging information about Donald Trump’s personal life? Will RFK Jr indeed be appointed to a vaccine panel by the Trump Administration?

Open Mike

Topic: Many Media sources claim that Russia has information on President Elect Donald Trump’s personal life that is negative; although such claims have not been confirmed; is the release of such information irresponsible of the media?