Open Mike – Wednesday 11/2/16


Lt. Governor Phil Scott

Topic: where he stands on various issues in his race for Governor of Vermont.


Justin Duckham
Talk Media News

Topic: Hillary Clinton has changed her tone over the weekend in her response to The FBI re-opening an investigation into her e-mail accounts. Is Clinton still ahead in the electoral college voting? Polls seem to indicate Donald Trump is gaining ground on Clinton and as CNN has fired Donna Brazile recently–how does that impact the trust viewers have of some media outlets?


Jess Aloe

Burlington Free Press Reporter

Topic: A review of the story she has done about the failure of background checks for all day care workers.


Open Mike

Topic: Is the 2016 Presidential Election a new low for American Politics? What issues in Vermont are most important to you in this election year and are some members of the press bias in their reporting?