Open Mike – Wednesday 4/27/16


Kyle Midura – WCAX Reporter
Topic: More information on Governor Schumlin’s expanded release of travel expenses connected to a recent trip in Paris, will the Vermont Legislature finish this year’s session by next weekend, what bills will pass and which will not. What is the latest information on the Governor’s Administration wanting to delete a large number of staff e-mails.

Professor Emeritus Eric Davis – Political Science Middlebury College
Topic: Review of Tuesday’s primary results, how much longer will Bernie Sanders stay in the race, are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Popular among voters and how does each of them change their image among voters in the upcoming general election?

Steve Terry – WCAX Political Analyst
Topic: A further review of Tuesday’s primary, is Donald Trump the likely GOP nominee for President, should Bernie Sanders leave the race and is the alliance between Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich a wise political move?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on how Senator Cruz and Governor Kaisch’s alliance is not a good move, his belief that Bernie Sanders will not drop out of the race before the Democratic National Convention, how do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton boost their favorability among voters and should there be a reform in how Primaries are run?

Rebecca Holcombe – Vermont Secretary of Education
Topic: Is Act 46 working well, what is being done to curb school spending, has Act 46 hurt school choice in Vermont and why are state test scores results so low?