Open Mike – Wednesday 5/11/16

Open Mike – Topic: Should Bernie Sanders stay in the race for President, does staying in the race until the Democratic Convention help the causes he supports and does staying in the race hurt Hillary Clinton and lessen the chance for her to beat Donald Trump in the General Election?

Alison Messick – Director of Programs Navy Seal Foundation
Topic: what this foundation does, programs they have, why does she do this work, how do they reach military members to provide this support, how is this service funded, how can one donate and how do people reach them for more information?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on should Bernie Sanders stay in the race for President, a review of the West Virginia Primary results, is Sarah Palin’s campaign against Speaker Paul Ryan supported by Donald Trump’s Campaign and what is Ted Cruz talking about when he says he may get back into the race?

TJ Donovan – Chittenden Country State Attorney
Topic: a review of his findings connected to the fatal shooting of a distressed mentally ill man earlier this year by Burlington Police, what could have the department done differently, how can law enforcement and the mental health community work better together, his plans to run for the Vermont Attorney General position, why he thinks he is qualified for that job and some of the programs related to law enforcement that he is passionate about.