Open Mike – Wednesday 6/15/16


Open Mike – Topic: A preview of today’s line up of guests and the phone lines open to whatever the listeners care to talk about.

Abby Willard – VT Agency of Agriculture
Topic: A talk about how a new study has shown that many farmer markets have competitive shopping options.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting on the content of Tuesday’s speech by President Obama, Hillary Clinton’s win in the D.C. Primary and what did Clinton and Bernie Sanders potentially talk about in their meeting yesterday?

Ross Connelly – The Hardwick Gazzette
Topic: information about an essay contest were the winner could be selected to take over the paper, more about the history of the Hardwick Gazzette, smaller papers vs larger operations, changes in technology: how many people use online sources to get news and what are his future plans?

Anne Decker – Turn Music
Topic: What her group does, who is involved and a preview of upcoming performances.