Open Mike- Wednesday 6/21/17


Open Mike

Topic: After a series of election losses nationally, are Democrats not connecting with a majority of voters?

Art Mathisen 

CEO Copley Hospital 

Topic: Today there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony of the James and Mary Louise Carpenter Surgical Center, why it has been built, how was it paid for and what challenges do smaller hospitals face?

Open Mike

Topic: In the time remaining, more listener feedback on if Democrats need to find a stronger message to connect with voters.

Bob Ney

Talk Media News

After a Republican win for a Congressional Seat in Georgia are Democrats failing to connect with voters, is President Donald Trump a victim of negative press or is he his own worst enemy, after the death of a former American Prisoner will relations with North Korea change, is their a certain political climate that may be responsible for a recent shooting of a Republican Congressman, did former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate Testimony hurt President Trump and after a Syrian Jet was shot down what will the United States do next to ease tensions in the area?

Open Mike

Topic: Thoughts on this week’s legislative veto session at The Vermont State House.