Open Mike – Wednesday 6/29/16


Garrett Graff – Former Editor Politico
Topic: a review of the various 2016 campaigns for The White House: Donald Trump’s positive/negative impact on the race, Hillary Clinton’s effort to unite the Democratic party, will the Benghazi and e-mail reports hurt her campaign, how will Bernie Sanders involvement in the Democratic Convention forward his political agenda.

Jim Harrison & Erin Sigrist – VT Retail and Grocers Association
Topic: how does Vermont’s new GMO Labeling law work, why have companies such as Coca-Cola decided to stop selling some products in the state as a result of the law, are there national lawsuits pending because of the new law, does their group have any problems with the legislation, Jim’s retirement plans and Erin thoughts on her appointment to take over his role.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting on the Benghazi report and the Hillary Clinton E-Mail investigation, Is Donald Trump trying to lose the Presidential Election, what will Bernie Sanders role be at The Democratic Convention, will some prominent Republican’s lack of support for Trump at The GOP Convention hurt his bid for the White House, will Britain’s departure from the EU effect American Politics, news from Congress, Supreme Court Rulings and did the recent gun control sit in on Capitol hill help or hurt that cause?

Open Mike – Topic: Should there or should there not be tougher laws connected to public nudity? Thoughts on editorial written by Bernie Sanders about The EU and how the Democratic Party needs to “wake up.”

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