Open Mike – Wednesday 6/8/16


Eric Davis – Professor Emeritus – Middlebury College
Topic: why is Bernie Sanders staying in the race, Clinton versus Trump what are each campaign’s game plans moving forward and a review on the Vermont Governor’s race.

Steve Terry – WCAX Political Analyst
Topic: Is Bernie Sanders disappointed with the results in Tuesdays Primaries, why should Bernie stay in the race, what will Bernie do if not elected President, how does Hillary Clinton attract Sanders supporters, what are Donald Trump’s campaign tactics moving forward and will the nominating process for President change after this year’s election?

Kyle Midura – WCAX Reporter
Topic: a report on some Modern Art that has been added to the Vermont State House created by Governor Schumlin’s wife, the art appears to depict various Vermont Media outlets in a negative way, was the State House Curator OK with this project, what has been the visiting public’s reaction to this artwork, what has the Governor and Katie Hunt have to say about it and a preview of Thursday special meeting of the Vermont Legislature.

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on Tuesday Night’s Primary Results, is it the end of the line for Bernie Sanders, how does Hillary Clinton get Bernie supporters to vote for her, are voters happy with Clinton and Trump as the remaining choices for President and is The Republican Party 100 percent behind Donald Trump as their pick for the Oval Office?

Robyn Freedner-Maguire – Director Let’s Grow Kids Campaign
Topic: What the organization does, how did it get started, what issues are important and how do people get more involved.

Louis Porter – Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner
Topic: a clarification about the department’s recent press release concerning the mowing of fields in the state, the tick problem in Vermont, Free Fishing Day Saturday in Vermont, is the deer herd healthy this year and how is the fishing in the state this year?