Open Mike – Wednesday 8/3/16


Open Mike – Topic: Is Donald Trump hurting his campaign by going after The Khan Family, for deciding to accept the gift of a Purple Heart from a Veteran and saying that he has sacrificed as much as Veterans have?

Sue Minter – Democrat For Governor of Vermont
Topic: her response on Matt Dunne raising some questions about her involvement in an airport construction project, does she support the EB-5 program, her position on wind power, should the Vermont Public Service Board be fixed, is gun control really Vermont’s most important priority, what gun control measures does she support and what health care changes should be implemented in the state?

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
Reporting on what is behind Donald Trump not supporting many fellow Republicans in their re-election campaigns, is Trump’s negative behavior helping Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and the reason behind some recent job firings at the DNC.

Elizabeth Hewitt – Reporter Vermont Digger
Topic: a review of her article on a Vermont Court Case connected to Revenge Porn, what that type of Pornography is, information about the court case connected to this topic, the overall balance between civil liberties and civil rights, also a look at another article about why Bernie Sander’s supports David Zuckerman.

Open Mike – Topic: More thoughts on Donald Trump’s negative statements attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with him or support his quest for the White House.