Open Mike – Wednesday 9/28/16


Open Mike – Topic: Should Governor Shumlin name a replacement for Justice Dooley, what do you think of Former Governor Howard Dean’s claims that Donald Trump may have had some cocaine in his system the night of the debate and should executives at Wells Fargo be held accountable for company financial wrong doings?

Jeffery Tieman – President Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
Topic: what does the group do, how did he get involved, why he come to Vermont, what issues are they dealing with at present, what hurdles lay ahead and what are the group’s biggest challenges.

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
24 hours after the First Presidential Debate the fact checking for both candidates have begun, the latest efforts to keep the national government running and information about the 9/11 oversight committee.

Dave Moody – MRN Broadcaster
Topic: what work is he doing now, how did he start his racing broadcast career, what is the sport of Nascar like in the 21st century, what challenges does the sport face in the future, what jobs did he do at WDEV, what makes WDEV so special, what are his proudest moments at the station and if he was not a Nascar broadcaster is there any other form of racing he would like to be part of?