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Each Monday during construction season, Brent Curtis can be heard on the Morning News Service with the latest information about construction projects throughout Vermont. Based on reports from VTrans project managers, resident engineers and a host of other sources, On The Road tells motorists what they need to know in order to pick the best route, avoid unnecessary delays or when to allow a little extra time.

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Latest Report - May 14, 2018

According to our friends at Fish and Wildlife, turtle nesting reaches its peak from May to June. During this time females set out in search of sunny places to lay their eggs. Wood turtles have a home territory of about 12 acres, always within a short distance of a stream or swamp. Did you know that a swamp in Vernon is one of the only places in the Northeast where a species of spotted turtles can be found? These turtles are listed on the “endangered species list.” Back in December the Brattleboro Reformer reported on a work crew that was constructing 15 “Turtle Crossings” under a 700-foot section of rail track. This was a great partnership between the local Selectboard, State of Vermont and RailAmerica.,393110 . Especially for these two months I hope you will pay extra attention to these critters. In the words of Bruce Feiler, “Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.”


I-89 in Georgia has an ongoing culvert replacement project with lane and speed reduction during morning and afternoon commuting hours. Crews will work both day and night shifts on this project. South Burlington has a culvert project that will be conducted day and night. Drivers should expect lane restrictions, speed reductions and some delays. Southbound I-89 between Exits 20 and 19 has shoulder reconstruction work going on. Guardrail work between Exit 12 and 14 (northbound) between Williston and South Burlington has multiple projects that will affect traffic this week. The US 2 overpass project will cause lane and speed reductions northbound and southbound in Middlesex.


Derby Line U.S. Customs Station on I-91. Motorists should expect traffic control, shifting lanes and delays. I-91 in Ryegate has a ledge stabilization project with blasting going on; a three-week road closure is now in place. In Rockingham there is a bridge replacement project with median crossovers, lane closures, and delays. No wide loads in this work zone.

Around the State

Richford - VT 105A at Canadian Border. Complete closure in late April. Completion date is October 26, 2018.

Derby - Caswell Avenue bridge closed for repair. Detour in place.

Beecher Falls – the Bridge Street Bridge to N.H. is closed.

Ludlow – VT 103 will have a signal installation project that will cause delays this week.

North Hero/Grand Isle Drawbridge will open at the top of the hour from 8 AM to 8 PM through October 15, 2018.

Morristown - VT 15A near junction of VT 15 has a long-term roadway project causing delays.

Hardwick to Walden, then Walden to Danville VT 15. Expect alternating one-lane traffic, slower speeds and delays for this roadway project.

Johnson VT 100C has a bridge replacement project that closed the bridge on May 12 for approximately 6 weeks. Motorists should follow posted detour.


Hyde Park -VT 15 has an emergency culvert replacement project with alternating one-lane traffic and delays in the work zone. Completion date for this work is May 11.

Jericho VT 15 has a road widening project with 11-foot width restrictions when two-way traffic is allowed. Expect delays.

South Burlington/Williston – US 2 and 2A have some traffic signal work with minimal effect on traffic. Slower speeds and occasional alternating one-lane traffic in this work zone. Work hours Monday thru Friday 6:30 AM to 7 PM and Tuesday thru Thursday nights from 7 PM to 6 AM.

Cabot/Danville - US 2 has a roadway reconstruction project this week. Motorists should expect short delays and reduced speeds.

Waterbury Center - VT 100 has a major reconstruction project going on. Work hours 7 PM to 6 AM, Sunday night through Thursday night. Beware of road surface in this work zone. Expect long delays, lane and speed reductions.

Middlesex - US 2 has an on-going bridge replacement project over I-89. Drivers should expect delays due to alternating one-lane traffic, slower speed limits and flaggers.

Montpelier - VT 12 (Northfield Street) has multiple construction projects going on. Expect road closures and detours between Derby Drive and Freedom Drive this week. Traffic detour from 7 AM to 7 PM on Northfield Street this week. Northfield Street between Memorial Drive and Derby Drive will be open to two-way traffic with a slower speed limit.

East Montpelier - VT 14/US 2 intersection has a bridge replacement project that includes a temporary bridge. Little effect on traffic.

Moretown - VT 100 has a bridge project with one lane and traffic signals.

Weybridge - VT 17 over Otter Creek will be closed starting June 4.  Motorists should look for alternating one-lane traffic and slower speeds.

Middlebury/Bristol - VT 116 has a paving project with alternating one-lane traffic and slower speeds. Expect delays.

Brandon – US 7 will see more road reconstruction with delays and lane restrictions soon. Expect short delays as construction continues.

Woodstock - US 4 has a bridge replacement project with two-way traffic. Short term alternating one-lane traffic may occur from time to time. Work hours from 7 AM to 6 PM.

Ludlow - VT 103 has a signal installation and road marking project going on. Look for lane restrictions and speed reductions causing delays.

Rockingham - VT 103 has a 42-mile paving project set to go. Expect lane reductions, alternating one-lane traffic causing delays.

Bennington/Wilmington - VT 9 has a 16-mile-long paving project with lane closures, slower speeds causing delays.

Remember: Don’t drive on “Automatic Pilot” and stay alert.

Safe Travels!

Brent Curtis is the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Agency of Transportation.