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Kia Winchell’s Trip to Britain

In Travel by WDEV Radio

Travel Across Great Britain with WDEV’s Kia Winchell Have you ever wanted to visit England, Scotland, and Wales? Our own Kia Winchell wanted to, so we partnered with Collette travel so she and WDEV listeners could see the beautiful and historic European nation. Collette takes the hassle out of air fare, booking hotels, and planning an itinerary in a foreign …

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Roger Hill’s Trip to Iceland

In Travel, Weather by WDEV Radio

Explore Iceland with WDEV’s Weather Forecaster Roger Hill The world is full of natural beauties, but none are as stunning as the Northern Lights. And there is almost nowhere better to see this wonder as Iceland. If there’s anyone who is most excited by traveling to Iceland to watch this atmospheric phenomenon, it’s probably our resident forecaster Roger Hill. We’re …