Now is Your Chance to Win Red Sox Tickets

Every year, we like to reward our dedicated listeners and baseball fans with free tickets to various Red Sox games throughout the season. It's Fairness to Fans 2021. Enter below for a chance to win a pair of tickets to a Sox home game. One entry will enter you in every drawing this baseball season. Winners will be drawn weekly throughout the regular season during the Midday News Service.

Here's How it Works:

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    Listen to Ken Squier Sports for when we announce the winners (see drawing schedule below).

  • Call Us to Claim Your Prize

    After we announce the winner you have five minutes and fifty seconds (5:50) to call in and claim your prize. The number is (802) 244-1777 or toll free at (877) 291-8255

Giveaway Schedule

Giveaway Date

  1. Mon June 21st
  2. Tue June 22nd
  3. Wed June 30th
  4. Thu July 1st
  5. Monday Aug 2nd
  6. Wed Aug 4th
  7. Friday Aug 6th
  8. Wed Aug 11th
  9. Thu Aug 26th
  10. Mon Aug 29th
  11. Tue Sept 8th
  12. Wed Sept 9th
  13. Tue Sept 14th


  1. Yankees
  2. Royals
  3. Phillies
  4. Phillies
  5. Rays
  6. Orioles
  7. Orioles
  8. Rangers
  9. Indians
  10. Rays
  11. Orioles
  12. Orioles
  13. Yankees

Game Date

  1. Sun June 27th
  2. Thur July 1st
  3. Sat July 10th
  4. Sun July 11th
  5. Thu Aug 12th
  6. Sat Aug 14th
  7. Sun Aug 15th
  8. Sun Aug 22nd
  9. Sat Sept 4th
  10. Mon Sept 6th
  11. Sat Sept 18th
  12. Sun Sept 19th
  13. Sat Sept 25th

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