Music To Go To The Dump By

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  1. Do you still have the Saturday morning show music to drive to the dump by? I used to live in Maple corners and enjoy the show very much

  2. Thank God and Ken Squier we have had some semblance of common sense and good judgement emanating weekly from the bowels of central Vermont with the help of WDEV and all the staff involved in putting together the most forward thinking and responsible program for Vermonters (Real Vermonters) to chew on during the week until the next program airs. These newcomers that were referred to this past Saturday just do not understand the pillars of this program when you consider the likes of former Dumpers to the rescue,such as Maude Ferguson, Seymour Clearly, Buck Naked, Nera River, and on and on it goes. With the help of these people we were able to have some historical acheivments that should be found in any history book in Vermont such as the campaign to raise funds for the Lady Bird Salvage Depot neon sign that was to be lighted up 24 hours a day at the old Waterbury Dump. This turned into a nation wide project. Then there was the annual cow chip throwing contest on the Statehouse Lawn each year.
    Newcomers just don’t get it, their roots are somewhere else, while ours are firmly embedded at the old Waterbury Dump. I would hope there is a granite marker there somewhere recognizing all the hard work put in by the Past Dumpers, and the folks mentioned above. I say granite because granite is solid, and so were the folks that are so much reveered and honored in this writing.
    Happy Dumping, everyone until next week.