The ABC’s of Air Sealing

In House Calls Vermont by WDEV Radio

Jim and Chris start show two by going over the A, B, C’s of air sealing.  This is a simple guide to direct the most common places to best put effort into making a house more comfortable and energy efficient. Marcia from Barre called about a window in front of her kitchen sink and Jim and Chris asked questions and offered advice. Steve Spatz from Efficiency Vermont came on and shared some information about DIY projects and some programs now running through Efficiency Vermont. Finally Michael from Middlebury called about a crawlspace. How should he treat it?  Jim and Chris say bring the crawlspace into the thermal envelope, moisture barrier on the floor and insulation on the top 4′ of the walls.  Don’t put insulation in the floor above as this creates competing thermal boundaries.

Next week we’ll be diving in on Attics!

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