Vermont Climate Council, Ultramarathoning, Wait Times, VT Gold

In Vermont Viewpoint by WDEV Radio

The Global Warming Solutions Act created the Vermont Climate Council. We’ll talk to one of its members, Abbie Corse, about the council’s work and about her family’s dairy farm in Whitingham. Next, we’ll meet a Marine veteran who turned to ultra-marathoning as a way to outrun the demons that haunted him during his military stint. Since the beginning of the pandemic, pet owners have noticed that it is taking longer to get appointments at their veterinarians for visits, surgeries, and even urgent cases. We’ll speak with Dr. Bradley Temple of the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association to learn why. And we finish by meeting the Vermonter who won two equestrian Olympic gold medals in Montreal and learn about the company he’s founded making saddles that can relieve back pain for both the horse and the rider.