Open Mike- Friday 11/11/16


Mary Skelton

Stowe Inn Keeper

Topic: Her plan to offer free lodging for Veterans in Stowe in the form of a project call The Loft.

Mark Parker PhD

Norwich University

Topic: Online bachelor programs the University offers designed to help active and former military members complete their educational goals.

Win Smith

President of Sugarbush Resort

Topic: A moving tribute to his Step-Father who was a veteran in command of the USS Indianapolis which sunk in a matter of minutes near the end of the Second World War. Captain Charles McVay III survived the sinking but was haunted by the horrors he saw and took his life in 1968. Winn talks of the importance of reaching out to those who have served on Veteran’s Day and at all times.

Open Mike

Topic: Whatever listeners care to share, but also any reflections on family or friends who have served in the military.