Open Mike- Friday 2/24/17

Live from the Vermont State House featuring:

Rep. Patrick Brennan

Chair House Transportation Committee

Topic: Transportation budget review and what highway issues the committee is addressing this legislative session.

Rep. Robert Frenier

Topic: The results of the recent recount regarding his house seat.

Rep. Bill Botzow

Chair House Commerce Committee

Topic: What legislation the Commerce Committee is working on and how the 2017 Legislative session is progressing thus far.

Michael Olesker

A family member connected to the leader of North Korea has been assassinated; why and who is behind it, will the military be involved in deportation efforts in the United States and are the protest efforts  over at the Dakota Pipeline?

Rep. Brian Keefe

Topic: Talking about his bill to modify the new computerized car inspection system.

Open Mike

Free for all Friday

Vermont’s new inspection law and the fall-out from Rep. Robert Frenier’s re-count vote.