Open Mike- Friday 3/17/17


Live from the Vermont State House

Senator Dick Mazza

Chair Senate Transportation Committee

Topic: How will President Donald Trump’s budget impact transportation projects in Vermont, thoughts on Governor Phil Scott’s Budget goals, road construction and transportation improvements in 2017.

Suzanne Young

Secretary Agency of Administration

Topic: Is there truth that Governor Scott is not working well with many Vermont Legislators and will the Governor revise his state budget plans?

Tim Ashe

Senate President Pro Tempore

Topic: Thoughts on Governor Phil Scott’s Budget, reaction to President Donald Trump’s Budget, Health Care Legislation and work at the State House during the “Crossover” period.

Micheal Olesker

Talk Media News

Reaction From Congress on President Trump’s Budget proposals, should the media have released leaked tax returns of the President and will the President Trump’s claims about Trump Towers being bugged hurt his credibility with voters?

Mitzi Johnson
Speaker of the Vermont House

Topic: A review of the 2017 Legislative session, what bills will pass this year, which will not and thoughts on her first term as speaker of the house.

Jon Walters
7 Days Journalist

Topic: Senator Bernie Sanders trip to Vermont to conduct a series of Town Hall meeting this week.