Open Mike- Monday 3/13/17


Dan D’Ambrosio

Reporter Burlington Free Press

Topic: A look at the lack of competition in our health care system in Vermont, why this situation exists, will it be changed and what process will be involved to make a change.

Henry Marckres

VT Agency of Agriculture

Topic Maple sugaring in Vermont, the 2017 season started early due to warm temperatures has that hurt production, what is organic syrup, how has technology impacted the industry, grading of syrup has changed in recent years and what determines the cost of maple syrup.

Victoria Jones

Talk Media News

Will the Republican backed Obamacare replacement bill pass congress, does President Trump have proof that Trump Towers were wire tapped and The Chancellor of Germany is set to meet with President Trump.

Lisa Lynn

Editor Vermont Sports Magazine

Topic: A preview of the latest Vermont Sports Magazine issue.

Open Mike

Topic: Hospice and Home Health care staffing shortages and national reaction to the recent protests at Middlebury College.