Open Mike – Monday 5/16/16


Tom Beardsley – Longtime WDEV Employee
Topic: how he got interested in radio, a look back at the different jobs he has done at WDEV, his involvement with the storm coverage of hurricane Irene, why is WDEV such a special place to work, his work with former Vermont Congressman Peter Smith, thoughts on the local and national political climate, what he does when he is not on the radio and what things are ahead for him in his retirement from full time work.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on Donald Trump’s argument with the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, how is it that Trump says some nasty things at times that don’t seem to affect his appeal to some voters, with Primaries ahead in Kentucky and Oregon, how is Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton doing in these upcoming races?

Dawn Terrill Finance Chair & Jeff Bartley Executive – The Vermont Republican Party
Topic: What message is the Party trying to convey to voters this year, will Donald Trump bring the party together, a review of the filing deadlines in local political races in 2016, information about the upcoming Vermont Republican Convention, what is it, what goes on during such an event, why Vermont does one and information to learn more about the party and the Convention.