Open Mike – Thursday 5/5/16


Bruce Lisman – Running as a Republican for Governor of Vermont
Topic: does he support Donald Trump for President, what are his plans to curb spending in Vermont, what are his plans to help support veterans and seniors in the state, his idea to repeal Act 46, are Vermont students ready for today’s job market after graduation, his ideas for healthcare reform, his stance on wind power projects in Vermont, does he believe in Climate Change, should the state ban assault rifles, why should people vote for him rather than Phil Scott, as a wealthy Vermonter is he out of touch with lower income people?

Bob Ney – Talk Media News
Reporting on why Governor John Kaisch got out of presidential race Wednesday, will or should Bernie Sanders drop out of the race for President and will there ever be a American plan brokered for peace in the Middle East?

John Walters – Vermont Political Observer Blogger
What is the latest new on efforts for the Schumlin Administration to release e-mails that had been slated to be deleted, do people still trust Governor Schumlin, what happened to the Vermont Legislature’s plans to form an Ethic’s Commission, will Donald Trump’s presidential campaign hurt Vermont Republicans in this year’s election cycle, is there nationwide support for Hillary Clinton and a review of other topics the legislature has dealt with this session.