Open Mike – Thursday 7/14/16


Duncan McDougall – LEAP Program
Topic: information about the Summer Solar Fest Event, what LEAP does and how to get more information.

Open Mike – Topic: a preview of a report to in the 10am hour about the Syrian Refugees that are slated to arrive in Rutland, a New York Times CBS Poll that shows race relations are at a low point nationwide, why are voters so angry, economic factors that may be driving voter turmoil, how technological advances may hurt the work force in some cases and the problems being reported connected to the Pokeyman App.

Lisa Gosselin Lynn – Vermont Sports Magazine
Topic: what outdoor events are popular in Vermont in the summer months, a review of the latest issue, what events are scheduled on waterways this summer, blood clot problems that can affect fitness seekers, who are the “Dirt Pack”, Bike Trail Guide Information, why do people like to recreate in Vermont, Fat Bike technology and how Vermont has become a great place to enjoy the outdoors through out the year.

Victoria Jones – Talk Media News
Reporting on who is Britain’s new Prime Minister, Former Prime Minister David Cameron’s graceful exit, does this mean the end for Cameron in politics, and other thoughts related to this subject.

Gordon Dritschilo – Rutland Herald Reporter
Topic: a report on the Syrian Refugees that are coming to Rutland, who was involved in the decision making process to chose Rutland as a place for them to go to, what do members of the community think of this plan, what does the Mayor and City Council want to happen, should officials have given Rutland Residents more say in the process, and is there tension between people who are in favor of this plan and those who are not?