Open Mike – Thursday 9/1/16


Open Mike – Topic: Do you think Senator Patrick Leahy should agree to more debates against Scott Milne this fall and is Donald Trump losing supporters by flip flopping on some of his policies.

Bob Johnson – Associate Director – Vermont Principals Association
Topic: what the group does, their policy on Gender choice in sports, can transgender play impact competition, how to keep all involved safe, why are some sports divisions changed each year, what is the most popular high school sport in Vermont, can students that are home schooled take part in various school sports and what factors go into a player’s eligibility?

Luke Vargas – Talk Media News
Reporting on Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico, did Trump’s trip help or hurt his campaign, will Hillary Clinton’s e-mail use ever bring her campaign down, how many American’s dislike both candidates and Clinton’s Campaign seems less about issues and more about a woman becoming president.

Brian Harwood – Radio Vermont Group
Topic: how has radio changed since he began his career at WDEV in 1954, what positions did he do when he first started, what was the format of the station when he was there full time, what media work he has done outside of Radio Vermont, why is WDEV so special, what does he does other than radio related projects and what will radio look like in the future?