Open Mike – Tuesday 11/01/16


Jim Condos
VT Secretary of State

Topic: How much longer do voters have to register for the General Election Vote? What is being done to stop voting fraud, is voter turnout expected to be strong, voter registration is at a record high, if someone expects voter fraud what should they do–who should they contact?

Open Mike

Topic: Does the FBI re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail use change who you will vote for in the Presidential Election?

Bob Ney
Talk Media News

How should Hillary Clinton react to the FBI most recent investigation into her e-mail use, will the investigation hurt her with voters before the General Election and is it all over the for Cubs in the World Series?

Jeremy A Hansen
Associate Professor Computer Science
Norwich University

Topic: Computer security information, how do e-mails get hacked, how vulnerable is private information to hackers, how widespread is the problem and what to watch out for to avoid a scam or a hacker.

Open Mike

Topic: More thoughts on the impact of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail use.