Open Mike- Tuesday 11/08/16


Professor Emeritus

Eric Davis Middlebury College

Topic: Who might win the race for Vermont Governor, Lt. Governor and the state’s US Senate seat?  What factors will contribute to such victories?

Steve Terry

WCAX Political Analyst

Topic: Voter turnout in Vermont is expected to be high, the warm, sunny forecast will not hamper travel how will such factors effect the top races?  Also which counties will vote Democrat and which will vote Republican?

Garrett Graff

Topic: Five myths about how the FBI works, what cyber and terror threats could impact Americans in the coming days–what is being done to prevent such from happening, are national polls accurate concerning the race for president and after the election what is next for each candidate and for the country?

Bob Ney

Talk Media News

Who might win the Presidential Election, which party will win the US Senate and US House Majority, what states does each presidential candidate have to win to  get elected, what happens if Hillary Clinton wins the election, what if Donald Trump wins and are many American sick of the entire election process?

Eric Michaels

Topic: a preview of The Radio Vermont coverage throughout election day and full coverage from 7pm to 12am today.

Open Mike

Topic: Who are the winners and the losers after this year’s elections?