Open Mike – Tuesday 5/17/16


Open Mike – Topic: How do you feel about bathrooms being used by transgender people, is such a practice ok, should it be reviewed further…..and thoughts about the closing of Burlington College.

Justin Duckham – Talk Media News
Reporting on Tuesday’s primaries in Kentucky and in Oregon, will Former President Bill Clinton help or hurt Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in the coming months, and will a recent story in the New York Times concerning how Donald Trump has had problems in the workplace with some women hurt his image among voters?

Bill Atkinson – Navy Seal Trainer
Topic: a review of the safety procedures in place during Navy Seal Training to prevent fatalities, what type of training is he involved with, why he decided to become a Navy Seal, why do some people wash out of the program, what type of attributes does such training give people outside the program, and the training he does with work professionals outside of the military.