Open Mike- Tuesday 5/9/17


Mike Smith introduction to the program

Bill Atkinson

Former Seal Team Master Chief

Topic: A discussion about the roles of SEAL Team and UDT in the 1970s.

Lish Morgan

Topic: His role in BUD/S Class 66. Two kids from Woodstock Vermont making it through SEAL Team training together.

Mike Cadden

OIC of 4th Platoon


Topic: Reflections of time served in SEAL TEAM-2

Tom Marsh

4th Platoon

Topic: SEAL Team deployments
Michael Olesker
Talk Media News

What The US Senate learned from Sally Yates testimony, world reaction to France’s recent election and what future military operations will take place in Afghanistan?

Barbara A. Smith

Topic: Widow of 4th platoon SEAL TEAM-2 member Jack Squires. Who Jack was, how he died and the close connection between SEAL TEAM members and their families.

Open Mike

Topic: Listener thoughts on today’s program.