Open Mike – Tuesday 9/13/16


Al Gobeille – Chair Green Mountain Care Board
Topic: health care issues in Vermont the board is dealing with, what the state is doing well in this area, what is not going well and what the state should do to improve health care for patients, providers and hospitals.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
The latest news concerning Hillary Clinton’s health, will Clinton’s remarks about some Trump supporters being deplorable people create a larger long term backlash, will the cease fire in Syria hold, what is the status of Congress passing spending bills and President Obama is on the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton as she recovers from Pneumonia.

Jasper Craven – VT Digger Reporter
Topic: a report on Alicia Leahy Jackson, who she is, the group she lobbies for, how such work presents some questions about her work and her relationship to her father Senator Patrick Leahy, an EB-5 program that is connected to Hollywood, California–and efforts to bring more accountability for various related lobbying efforts.

Open Mike – Topic: This week Open Mike will have political debates life from The World’s Fair in Tunbridge,what questions would the listeners like Mike to ask the candidates and should there be a greater effort to get Presidential Candidates to release more detailed health reports now and in the future?