Open Mike – Wednesday 1/27/16



Noelle Sevoian – Working Lands Program
Topic: How Vermont’s investment in the working landscape is helping Agriculture.

Laura Dipietro – Dep Director Agricultural Resources
Topic: Efforts to clean up water sources in Vermont and the impact of Act 64: The Clean Water Initiative.

Allie Ziparo – Vermont Agriculture Development Team
Topic: Farm to School Program, effort to get better food grown at Vermont Farms into Vermont Schools.

Ellen Ratner – Talk Media News
Reporting on: Bernie Sanders surge before the primaries, Donald Trump skipping the next debate and his problems with Fox Anchor Megan Kelly, and The progress of cleaning up after the weekend blizzard and how that is slowing down the government in Washington D.C.

Mayra Handy – Farm First Program Manger
Topic: How The Farm First Program works and which members of the farm community can take part in this program.

Alex Depillis and Dave Grimiceson – Renewable Energy Program
Topic: Efforts to bring renewable energy to farms in Vermont