Open Mike- Wednesday 5/3/17


Rep. Don Turner
House Republican Leader

Topic:  The push for a vote to approve a statewide teachers health care plan saving $26 million.

Open Mike

Topic: Do you agree with Governor Phil Scott’s proposal to save 26 — Million Dollars by having teachers get healthcare through the state?

9:40 to 10:00
Brian Miller
Retired State Trooper

Topic: his work to help people resolve conflicts in the work place.

Ellen Ratner
Talk Media News

Congress is voting on a spending bill to avoid a Government Shutdown, Airlines have been warned to improve relations with customers, President Donald Trump and Russian Leader Vladimir Putin spoke over the phone about improved relations and Hillary Clinton is speaking out about why she believes she lost the presidential election.

Erin Mansfield
Reporter VT Digger

Topic: The discussion about  hospital and independent practice payment parity.

John Burke
Former Public Service Board Member

Topic: Net Neutrality, what it is, and why it is important?