The Dave Gram Show – April 4, 2018

On Wednesday’s Dave Gram Show, Bernie Sanders talks about the state of race relations in the United States, and about his own relations with leaders of communities of color in Vermont.
We’ll also ask him how to avoid a repeat of the Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign.
Later, we’ll talk with University of New Hampshire Professor Elizabeth Burakowski on what the ski industry might be facing due to climate change.
And we’ll hear from former GOP gubernatorial candidate Dave Kelley about what he sees as the problems with the leg-hold trap.


  1. The caller from Monkton at about the 1:14 mark, repeatedly claims that conibear traps “kill immediately” and that the thrashing (“twitching” as he calls it) is just “nerves.” The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) has done and used extensive research on traps to determine the Best Management Practices. This research includes very detailed clinical documentation of time to “irretrievable unconsciousness” (not necessarily death). “Immediate” or “quick” are marketing buzzwords that distort the truth. The AFWA Best Management standard for a 330 conibear above water is that it render 70% of trapped beavers unconscious in less than 5 minutes. 30% suffer longer. And it is suffering, not “twitching.” Under water researchers cite that it took 5 – 10 minutes to render a beaver unconscious. The specific times until suffering stops for various animals in various traps above and below water are given here: (pages 8 – 13).

    Trapping may have some use and purpose at times when beaver pose a safety issue for which other remedies are inadequate. However, it would serve the debate better to know the truth about the suffering inflicted; whether necessary, or if done for sport.