The Garden Plan, Pt. 2 (Thoughts From the Garden Episode 3)

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The Garden Plan, Continued with the Garden Map

So now that you have your list with quantities, you are ready to draw out your garden plan. Take a pencil and paper and make what I call a garden map. For example, I have about 50 4-by-4-foot beds. I like to store carrots so I plant 2 beds of that and I mark it off in my garden map. I like broccoli, so I plant 24 plants of that AFTER I check to see where they were planted last year and the year before. Crop rotation is important and helps avoid pest problems. The only way you’ll be able to do this is by marking it down on your garden map. I love pesto, so I plant 16 basil plants and I mark that down on my garden map. The garden plan and map are essential to a successful garden. 

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