In the Garden with Peter Burke Airs Saturdays at 12:30 Through Growing Season

In The Garden on Radio Vermont WDEV is a call-in show and I welcome your questions and comments. I start each show with a short primer on some aspect of gardening, but you are welcome to call anytime.

Gardening is an art form all its own.  I contend that gardening is not just miniature farming or farming-lite but rather something entirely different than farming with different objectives and methods. As a gardener my objective is twofold; one is to have a continuous harvest of fresh veggies during the growing season and two is to grow a crop to harvest for storage to keep us in veggies over the winter months.  To accomplish this I use a simple method, a recipe of garden basics. The garden basics are: Permanent Bed, Permanent Pathways, Perfect Soil, Grid Planting, and using a Trellis as much as possible.  With these simple technics I use to grow more in lot less space and with lot less work than the old methods of gardening. By using this simple formula, you can sell your roto-tiller and tractor, you will never need them again for gardening.

It doesn’t matter to me what technics you use to garden if you have a question or comment, a recipe you would like to share call and join us In The Garden Saturdays at 12:30.


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