Introduction to Weatherization

In House Calls Vermont by WDEV Radio

Inaugural show!  Halloween Show 2020!  Chris and Jim start their radio journey introducing the topic of Weatherization and answer some calls from listeners about their projects. Niels from Jericho asks about what to consider when doing a phased replacement of wood clapboards on a house out of the 1800’s. Steve Spatz, from Efficiency Vermont stops by to give us some information on DIY subsidies available and to explain about the Energy Excellence Network, a group of contractors and home energy auditors who have been vetted by Efficiency Vermont’s Home Performance with Energy Star Program. Jim and Chris give their advice to callers and discuss how when you are doing a home renovation that will include the outside walls, windows, basement, ceiling, attic, etc of your house that there are important things to keep in mind.  Houses act as a whole and we approach dealing with fixing comfort and durability issues in a wholistic manner.  The house as a system.  

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