Updated Friday Evening Forecast — June 7th, 2019

In Forecastby WDEV Radio

TONIGHT: Mostly clear with a few high clouds. A low in the mid 40s. Light north winds.

TOMORROW: Sunshine with some high cloudiness. Pleasant. A high in the low 70s. Light northwest winds.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Clear skies with few high clouds. A low 45 to 50. Light northeast winds.

SUNDAY: Sunny and gorgeous. A high around 80. Light south winds.

Looking further ahead…

SUNDAY NIGHT: Mostly clear with a high clouds. A low in the mid 50s.

MONDAY: Sunshine filtered by high clouds. Increasingly muggy. A high near 80.

TUESDAY: Chance for showers exiting in the afternoon to partial sunshine. Humid with a low around 60. A high 65 to 70.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny dry and pleasant after morning fog. A low mid 40s to around 50. A high 75 to 80.

Average lows 50 to 55. Average highs low to mid 70s.