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Each Monday during construction season, Brent Curtis can be heard on the Morning News Service with the latest information about construction projects throughout Vermont. Based on reports from VTrans project managers, resident engineers and a host of other sources, On The Road tells motorists what they need to know in order to pick the best route, avoid unnecessary delays or when to allow a little extra time.

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Latest Report - August 20, 2018

I visited the construction project on VT 15A and 15 in Morristown this week and remembered the last time I had been there. I like to fly fish that stretch of the Lamoille River that goes under the 15A bridge. But there is a little more to it. I used to bring a gas stove with cooking ingredients, my gorgeous Siberian Husky Mishka and a select group of “stand by flies” that always worked. I would stake up Mishka so he had plenty of walk around room that included the water and there was an open area for a camp site nearby. After catching a couple of fish, I would cook them up beside the stream, make coffee, feed Mish and have a picnic. One particular summer day I was fishing in the middle of the river while Mishka dozed on the shore. I noticed first one then two cars stopping on the bridge and pointing at me. I checked to see if I had a wardrobe malfunction and the check revealed nothing open, unbuttoned or gaping. So naturally I figured these were tourists looking at this iconic fly fisherman and his artic dog perfectly set in the Vermont countryside. As they got out of the car my mind wandered off to several possibilities. Perhaps the cover of “Outdoor Life” or “Field & Stream” magazine. Maybe a catalog shot for L.L. Bean. My mind was racing. So, I added a roll cast with figure-eight retrieval (don’t ask me why). There was no doubt in my mind that “Yankee” magazine would feature Mish and me in a “Come to Vermont” article. After the fourth car stopped on the bridge even I had to wonder what was going on. I turned to see Mishka sound asleep, paws up, in the grass. I did a 180-degree turn to see a good-sized (read Big) moose standing in the river behind me. He stood there eating away oblivious to me, the dog or the crowd on the bridge. After a sudden dose of reality struck I sadly but carefully got out of the river, collected my dog and belongings and turned the show over to the moose. I figured I should get away before they started to BOO me out of the water.


I-89 in Georgia will be affected by rolling roadblocks southbound between 9AM and 4PM for the next couple of weeks. Hand scaling in the ledge area will require repelling the cliff face.

Paving project between Montpelier and Waterbury for 10.7 miles. Night work between 7PM and 6AM in both northbound and southbound lanes. Crews are milling the southbound lane toward Exit 8. Expect one-lane traffic and delays. Milling of on and off ramps at Exit 8 is scheduled for the week of 8/20. Milling of ramps may begin as early as Monday night, 8/20. Ramp milling will continue each night of the week until all ramps have been completed. This is night work and ramps will not be closed for the entire night. Work will occur as late as possible and be completed before morning commute hours begin in order to lessen the impact to the traveling public. While ramps are being milled, message boards will be in place instructing motorists that the ramps are closed and will indicate the appropriate alternate exits to use.  Lane reductions at the US 2 overpass (both northbound and southbound lanes) will slow traffic again this week.


Derby Line U.S. Customs Station on I-91. Motorists should expect traffic control, shifting lanes and delays.

In Rockingham there is a bridge replacement project with median crossovers and lane closures. Both northbound and southbound lanes have speed and lane reductions while preparations are being made for setting girders.

An I-91 paving project from the Massachusetts border to Guilford in both northbound and southbound lanes will delay traffic due to shifting lanes and slower speeds. Exits 1 thru 3 northbound and southbound on/off ramps will need to be individually closed while they are working on them. Motorists will follow an alternate route.

Road Closures 

I-91 - Exits 1 thru 3 northbound and southbound on/off ramps will need to be individually closed while they are working on them: Monday & Tuesday - 7PM to 6AM weather permitting. Exit 2 northbound and southbound ramps: Tuesday & Wednesday – 7PM to 6AM weather permitting.

Franklin County - VT 105A closed over the Missisquoi.

Waterford – VT 18 closed August 10 at 6PM for 10 days.

Johnson - VT 100C closed August 18 at 7AM for 28 days.

Danville – Joe’s Brook Road closed. Seek alternate route.

Cabot - Danville Hill Road closed.

Bridport - Crown Point Road closed.

Cavendish - Depot Street Bridge is closed. Look for posted detours.

Around the State

Richford/ Enosburg – VT 105/105A will have alternating one-lane traffic this week.

Derby - Caswell Avenue bridge closed for repair. Signed detour in place. Crews will be placing steel beams over I-91 this week. Expect one-lane closures from time to time. Contractor will be pouring the second layer of concrete this week.

Beecher Falls – the Bridge Street Bridge to N.H. is closed.

Swanton – US 7 paving and other roadwork. Drivers should expect lane closures and delays.

Waterford – VT 2 culvert replacement and related roadwork continues. Road is closed. Crews have been working around the clock since 8/13.

North Hero/Grand Isle - US 2 at the drawbridge is open to two lanes of traffic this week. The bridge will open at the top of the hour from 8AM to 8PM through October 15, 2018. The bridge will open for 30 minutes sometime between 6:30 and 8AM Monday mornings for greasing.

South Burlington – Williston - US 2 has drainage work going on.

Johnson - VT 100C is closed for 28 days starting August 18 at 7AM.

Morristown - VT 15A near junction of VT 15 has a long-term roadway project causing delays.

VT 15 will have two-lane traffic this week while the VT 16A bridge project gets new concrete decking that will affect traffic. Commuters may consider alternate routes.

Danville – Joe’s Brook Road 1.6 miles from Barnet town line is closed. Seek alternate route.

Cabot – Danville Hill Road closed for construction. Local traffic only.

Charlotte - US 7 will see the contractor returning to complete various work on the project. Shoulder work will cause minor delays.

Colchester - US 7/2 and 2A will have alternating one-lane traffic this week. Slow and rough travel should be expected again this week. Motorists are encouraged to get through the work area as early as possible. Expect long delays during commuting hours.

Jericho - VT 15 has a road improvement project affecting traffic again this week. Look for new traffic patterns this week. Lane closures will no longer be implemented during the designated periods: 7AM – 8AM, Monday - Friday 4PM – 6PM, Monday – Friday.

Essex, Jericho-Richmond - VT 117 has a road rehabilitation project. This week slower speeds and alternating one-lane travel will slow traffic. Expect a rough surface. Commuting motorists should seek alternate routes.  Traffic will be delayed especially during commuting hours. Drivers should watch for rough roadway surfaces.

Charlotte/Ferrisburgh – US 7 has slope remediation going on. Expect delays.

Cabot/Danville - US 2 has a roadway reconstruction project going on. Motorists should expect slower traffic through multiple work zones. The temporary bridge is in use at this time. Expect alternating one-way traffic in the work zones. 35 mph speed limits in this work zone will cause delays.

Waterbury Center - VT 100 has a major reconstruction project going on. Work hours 7PM to 6AM, Sunday night through Thursday night. Beware of road surface in this work zone. Expect delays, lane and speed reductions.

Middlesex - US 2 has an ongoing bridge replacement project over I-89. While the new bridge is open, demolition of the old bridge is underway. Expect single-lane traffic and delays.

Montpelier - VT 12 (Northfield Street) has multiple construction projects going on. Expect road closures and detours between Derby Drive and Freedom Drive this week. Traffic detour from 7AM to 7PM on Northfield Street this week. Northfield Street between Memorial Drive and Derby Drive will be open to two-way traffic with a slower speed limit. Elm Street and Vine will have a work zone this week. Look for changing traffic patterns.

East Montpelier - VT 14/US 2 intersection has a bridge replacement project that includes a temporary bridge. VT 14E opened Friday, August 17 on schedule.

Moretown - VT 100B has a bridge project with one lane and traffic signals.

Charlotte - US 7 has miscellaneous work going on this week. Look for alternating one-lane traffic and delays in this work zone.

Weybridge - VT 17 motorists should expect alternating one-lane traffic. Remember the bridge is open.

Middlebury - Most of the work will occur outside the roadway.

Middlebury/Starksboro - VT 116 has major roadwork going on. This week a culvert crossing will require a lane closure. Alternating one-lane traffic will cause delays in this work zone.

Brandon – US 7 will see more road reconstruction with delays and lane restrictions soon. Expect delays as construction continues. Speed restricted to 15 mph in the work zone.

Brandon – Goshen – VT 73 has a road improvement project with alternating one-lane traffic causing delays.

Bridport – Crown Point Road at intersection of Crown Point and Basin Harbor Roads west on Crown Point is closed until September 7, 2018.

Rockingham - Clarendon - VT 103 has a road improvement project going on. Multiple work zones, slower speeds will affect traffic this week. Expect alternating one-lane traffic and reduced speeds causing delays. Work hours 7AM to 8PM Monday – Saturday. Motorists should add extra time to their travel plans.

Wallingford – VT 140 has erosion work going on. Alternating one-lane  traffic and slower speed will affect travel this week.

Mount Holly – VT 155 has a culvert project with flaggers that will slow traffic. Expect delays.

Bennington - VT 9 and VT 7 have a paving project with lane closures and slower speeds. There will be milling on VT 9 and 7 this week. Expect delays.

Wilmington - VT 9 is reduced to one lane due to slope failure. There will be 14-foot lane restrictions in place until further notice. Expect delays.

Brattleboro - On VT 9 VTrans crews will be removing overhead signs. Look for alternating one-lane traffic causing delays.

Bennington - VT 67 and 67A have roadwork projects with alternating one-lane traffic.

Remember: Don’t drive on “Automatic Pilot” and stay alert.
Safe Travels!

Brent Curtis is the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Agency of Transportation.