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Each Monday during construction season, Brent Curtis can be heard on the Morning News Service with the latest information about construction projects throughout Vermont. Based on reports from VTrans project managers, resident engineers and a host of other sources, On The Road tells motorists what they need to know in order to pick the best route, avoid unnecessary delays or when to allow a little extra time.

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Latest Report - October 15, 2018

Whoosh -- it’s gone! One minute the colored leaves are dancing with the wind, saturated with sunlight, and the next minute they’re gone. The rain takes its toll as the colder temperatures bounce up and down before the big winter drop. Such is the way of fall in Vermont. Still the buses and cars bring people into towns and villages hoping to get one last look at the leaves, barns and meadows.

Fall is an “easy thinking time” for me. I strap on a camera, choose a country road and I am gone. Following the sun and looking for the shadows as I wander off with only a compass, some cheese, bread and water. The silence of the forest is deafening at first, then the solitude becomes part of an experience that reveals colored leaves and trees concealing an ancient homestead that forms a fall mosaic which cries out for a few James Taylor songs. The remnants of that stone foundation fuel the imagination and conjure images of a country family, Complete with children playing with chickens while laundry is hung out to dry and a farmer herding cows from field to barn. That was the Vermont of days gone by, but wait…up ahead there is a break in the tree line. I can see a green pasture with brown cows slowly making their way to a barn. The sound of a tractor announces the machine as it slowly maneuvers across the field and down the fence line. Walking down a Vermont woods road in the fall invokes a serenity that allows quiet contemplation and a “sense of place” (to quote Spencer Lewis). You still have time for that kind of walk before the winds of winter take over. “I guess my feet know where they want me to go, walking on a country road.” James Taylor.


I-89 in Georgia will be affected by ledge work. The contractor will begin removing single lane closure barriers. This will be the final project update.

Look for lane reduction for a couple of days at the site of the tractor trailer crash on the west side of I-89 in Jonesville.

More active paving between Montpelier and Waterbury for 10.7 miles. Night work between 7PM and 6AM in both northbound and southbound lanes. The speed limit has been reduced to 55 mph in the work zone. Paving in northbound and southbound lanes has been completed. Line striping scheduled this week.

Brattleboro to Guilford has fog line sealing and shoulder work going on.

I-91 Derby Line U.S. Customs Station on I-91. Motorists should expect traffic control, shifting lanes and delays.

In Rockingham there is a bridge replacement project. Work hours 5PM – 5AM, Monday – Thursday and daytime work Monday - Friday. Both northbound and southbound lanes have speed and lane reductions. 

Road Closures
Franklin County - VT 105A bridge closed until the end of May 2019.

Cavendish - Depot Street Bridge is closed. Look for posted detours.

Around the State

Weather is affecting a lot of projects this week. Plans may have to be rescheduled at the last minute.

Richford/Enosburg – VT 105 will have alternating one-lane traffic this week. The final lift of pavement is set for this week.

Derby - US 5 has a paving and bridge maintenance project starting on October 1. Work will be done on both northbound and southbound lanes on Bridge 178 on US 5.

Swanton – US 7 paving and other roadwork. Drivers should expect lane closures and delays.

North Hero/Grand Isle - US 2 at the drawbridge is open to two lanes of traffic. The bridge will open for marine traffic at the top of the hour between 8AM and 8PM daily through October 15, 2018. At 8:30AM Monday mornings the bridge will open for greasing. The seasonal hourly bridge openings will end October 15.

Cabot/Danville – On US 2 a slower speed limit will affect traffic while ditching and slope work continues. Watch for the 40 mph speed limit.

Williston - VT 2A will have alternating one-lane traffic this week.

Underhill – VT 15 has a culvert project going on. The culvert sections have been placed and the stream is flowing through the culvert. Temporary signals are still in place. 

Jericho - VT 15 has a road improvement project going on. Look for periodic alternating one-lane traffic this week.

Essex, Jericho-Richmond - VT 117 has a road rehabilitation project. Slower speeds and alternating one-lane travel should be expected. There is a rough road surface in this work zone. Motorists should seek alternate routes.  Traffic will be delayed especially during commuting hours. Drivers should expect delays throughout this work zone.

Waterbury Center - VT 100 has a major reconstruction project going on. Work hours 7PM to 6AM, Sunday night through Thursday night. Beware of road surface in this work zone. Expect delays, lane and speed reductions.

Middlesex - US 2 has an ongoing bridge replacement project over I-89. Lane closures and short delays should be expected. This project should be completed soon.

Montpelier - VT 12 (Northfield Street) is finishing up a road improvement project. Limited impact on traffic.

East Montpelier - VT 14/US 2 intersection has a bridge replacement project that includes a temporary bridge. This week the contractor will be working nights from 7PM to 6AM. Expect a 25-mph speed limit and alternating one-lane traffic in this work zone.

Middlebury/Starksboro - VT 116 has some finish work this week. Alternating one-lane traffic will be in place in this work zone.

Middlebury – US 7 starting the week of October 8 crews will be constructing a left turn lane, reconstructing the shoulder area and paving an overlay from Foote Street to South Middle Road. Two-way traffic will be maintained.

Middlebury –A Bridge and Rail project is ongoing. Most of the work this week will occur outside the roadway while excavation and drill work continues.

Brandon – US 7 will see more road reconstruction with delays and lane restrictions soon. Expect delays as construction continues. Speed restricted to 15 mph in the work zone.

Brandon/Goshen – VT 73 has a road improvement project with alternating one-lane traffic and slower speed limits causing delays.

Rockingham/Clarendon - VT 103 has a road improvement project going on. Multiple work zones, slower speeds will affect traffic this week. Expect alternating one-lane traffic and reduced speeds causing delays. Motorists should watch for paving this week.

Manchester – VT 7A, 30 and 11 all have paving projects going on. Daytime hours 6AM to 6PM. Nighttime hours 6PM to 6AM. Look for paving this week (weather dependent).  Drivers should expect alternating one-lane traffic.

Jamaica/Winhall - VT 30 has a road reclaim and paving project going on. This is a 9-mile project from Jamaica to the intersection of VT 11 in Winhall. Look for alternating one-lane traffic this week. 

Wallingford – VT 140 has erosion work going on. Alternating one-lane traffic and slower speed will affect travel again this week.

Mount Holly – VT 155 has a culvert project going on. A temporary traffic signal is in place. Saturday work from 7AM until noon. Expect delays.

Bennington - VT 9 and VT 7 have paving projects with lane closures and slower speeds. There will be some paving this week on VT 7. Expect delays.

Wilmington - VT 9 is reduced to one lane due to slope failure. There will be 14-foot lane restrictions in place until further notice. Expect delays.

Brattleboro –VT 9 has concrete foundations being poured this week.

Brent Curtis is the Public Outreach Coordinator for the Agency of Transportation.