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Latest Report - November 15, 2018

I have recently had an opportunity to observe some very dedicated people who are involved in Scouting. It seems to me that when ever I see the scouts, they are having a lot of fun while being very involved with the scouting experience. Upon closer inspection I found far more than the standard badges; in fact, there are civic and environmental designations (to mention just two) as well. In total there are 135 badges that are awarded through the buddy system under the watchful eye of a badge coordinator. As an observer it looks like the total experience for both groups and individuals. As usual I started thinking about transportation. I think we can take a lesson from the scouting experience. BAZINGA!! I have it! How about merit badges for good drivers?! Instead of the usual sports talk around the watercooler, people would be talking about their latest Driving Merit Badge. “So, I nailed the School Bus Stopper badge this weekend; how about you?” After the successful completion of a program to achieve a merit badge, the successful candidate could display it on his or her personal car. Stage one would be a“Webalo Driver.” To achieve this designation here are the mandatory badges one must acquire: Obeyer of Speed limits, User of Directional Signals, Never a Lingerer in the Passing Lane, Never a User of Hand Held Devices, Stopper for School Buses (loading and unloading), Non-Dawdler at Traffic Lights and Signs, Preparer for Winter (must include Snow Tires, Shovel & Blanket in car), Stopper at Crosswalks and Practitioner of Situational Awareness. Now, in order to get to Eagle Scout, one would have to add Changer of Oil, Changer of Tires and Checker of Fluid Levels. Say, I think the Scouts are on to something!  “If you need both of your hands for whatever it is your doing, then your brain should probably be in on it, too.” Ellen DeGeneres


 I-91 In Rockingham, there is a bridge replacement project. Work hours 5PM – 5AM, Monday – Thursday and daytime work Monday - Friday. Both northbound and southbound lanes have speed and lane reductions.

Road Closures

Franklin County - VT 105A bridge closed until the end of May 2019.

Cavendish - Depot Street Bridge is closed. Look for posted detours.


Around the State

North Hero/Grand Isle - US 2 at the drawbridge is open to two lanes of traffic. US Route 2 at the drawbridge is open to two-lane two-way traffic. There are flaggers onsite to assist with construction trucks entering and exiting the work zone. The contractor plans to work 8.5-hour days, Mondays thru Saturdays, during daylight hours.

Essex, Jericho-Richmond - VT 117 has that road rehabilitation project going on. Slower speeds and alternating one-lane travel should be expected.

Middlebury –A Bridge and Rail project is ongoing.

Brandon/Goshen – VT 73 has a road improvement project wrapping up with alternating one-lane traffic and slower speed limits causing delays again this week.

Rockingham/Clarendon - VT 103 has a road improvement project going on. Contractor should be preparing for winter shut down this week.

Manchester – VT 7A, 30 and 11 all have paving projects going on. Daytime hours 6AM to 6PM. Nighttime hours 6PM to 6AM. Look for paving this week (weather dependent).  Drivers should expect alternating one-lane traffic.

Bennington - VT 9 and VT 7 are finishing up a paving project.  There will be some paving this week. Expect short delays.

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